14 de February de 2023

Techno – Progressive – Techno Melodic – Classic Techno – Olaroch

Techno – Progressive – Techno Melodic – Classic Techno – Olaroch

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Welcome to our SM Mastering Radio Show

In our first episode #radio we have the participation of the producers and their incredible tracks mixed by olaroch

In our radio episode, we put many songs that were finished here at the Studio, bringing a lot of joy and incredible sound.

Today SM Mastering is recognized for its quality in the world for preserving the history of each productive producer and the quality of their music in all sound fields.

This is one way to say thank you for all your support this past year.

May 2023 be an amazing and happy year for all of us.

All artists are part of Studio SM Mastering.

Hope you like it and have fun

Please reply in the comments your feedbacks and which country you are from.

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